Day 1

New frontiers in medicine: "Immunity and Inflammation, a metanarrative of modern medicine"

How have immunity and inflammation pushed the boundaries of modern medicine? Listen to Professor Alberto Mantovani in interview.

Prof. Alberto Mantovani
Istituto Clinico Humanitas
Emeritus Professor, Humanitas University
Milan, Italy


Day 2

Gene therapy in skin diseases: Where are we?

Professor Johann Bauer talks about gene therapy in skin diseases, highlighting the different approaches, and considering the potential impact in dermatology.

Prof. Johann Bauer
President of the Austrian Society of Dermatology and Venerology
Chairman Dermatology and Allergology
University Hospital Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria


Day 3

Melanoma: Molecules, Mechanisms and Medicines

Click to watch our interview with Prof Hensin Tsao, giving an insight into the molecular basis of melanoma, and how understanding of mechanisms supports treatment.

Prof. Hensin Tsao
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA, USA


Day 3

Breaking news lecture: "Monkeypox outbreak"

Monkeypox is a growing health concern. Watch Dr Alba Català in interview with Michel Gilliet, discussing the key symptoms, and findings from a cross-sectional study in Spain.

Dr. Alba Català
Plató Hospital
Barcelona, Spain


Day 4

Present and future of dermoscopy

Today’s interview is with Professor Giuseppe Argenziano, who answers our questions about dermoscopy - from the basics of the technology, to its key role in dermatology.

Prof. Giuseppe Argenziano
University of Campania
Naples, Italy

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