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EADV 2022 Highlights!

Welcome to EADV 2022 Highlights. The Highlights offer a selection of the newest and most relevant data presented at the EADV 31st Annual Congress. Enjoy this opportunity to learn about the significant advances and breakthroughs in dermatology research and care.


Day 1: How have immunity and inflammation pushed the boundaries of modern medicine? Listen to Professor Alberto Mantovani in interview.

Day 2: Professor Johann Bauer talks about gene therapy in skin diseases, highlighting the different approaches, and considering the potential impact in dermatology.

Day 3: Watch our interview with Prof. Hensin Tsao, giving an insight into the molecular basis of melanoma, and how understanding of mechanisms supports treatment. Monkeypox is a growing health concern.

Day 3: Watch Dr. Alba Català in interview with Michel Gilliet, discussing the key symptoms, and findings from a cross-sectional study in Spain.

Day 4: Today’s interview is with Professor Giuseppe Argenziano, who answers our questions about dermoscopy - from the basics of the technology, to its key role in dermatology.

Leadership Interviews

Watch the interviews with the EADV Leadership. Learn about EADV’s strategic activities and goals.
What do you think are the most exciting developments in the field of dermatology over the past years?
What do you think are EADV’s most impressive strengths and achievements in recent years?
What are the key gaps in dermatology, and how can these be addressed?
The EADV Congress is always an exceptional event. What should EADV members and colleagues take home and back to clinical practice from this 2022 Congress?
What are the highlights so far from your EADV presidency?
What are your personal highlights from the 2022 EADV Congress?

Faculty Interviews

Watch the interviews with some of the international experts who contributed to the EADV Congress 2022.
Current approaches to alopecia areata
What are the unmet needs for people with AA?
How are JAKi changing the landscape?
What are the main clinical data?
Which patients would benefit from these therapies?
Psoriasis and comorbidities - Treatment goal PASI100
What is the state of the art of psoriasis?
What are the most common comorbidities in people with psoriasis?
How do comorbidities affect treatment decisions?
Is PASI100 a reasonable goal in the clinic?
Will achieving the skin clearance represented by PASI100 have an impact on non-skin manifestations and associated comorbidities?
A machine learning tool for the early identification of undiagnosed psoriatic arthritis patients. Is it possible?
What proportion of people with psoriasis have undiagnosed PsA?
Can you describe the machine learning tool you developed?
How does the tool predict who will develop PsA?
Do you think using this kind of AI will become commonplace in clinical practice?
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