Interviews mit Mitgliedern des Vorstands der EADV

Sehen Sie sich die Interviews mit den Mitgliedern des Vorstands der EADV an. Informieren Sie sich über die strategischen Maßnahmen und Ziele der EADV.

What do you think are the most exciting developments in the field of dermatology over the past years?
What do you think are EADV’s most impressive strengths and achievements in recent years?
What are the key gaps in dermatology, and how can these be addressed?
The EADV Congress is always an exceptional event. What should EADV members and colleagues take home and back to clinical practice from this 2022 Congress?


What are the highlights so far from your EADV presidency?
What are your personal highlights from the 2022 EADV Congress?

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